Snow ahead!

I said that to elicit a response from you. . . raise your hand if you moaned? (My husband raised his hand.)
I like the cold – it energizes me. Heat sucks the life out of me.
The summer is one long sauna for me. My work means being out “in it” everyday – with my window open. My right arm looks like leather after all these years, and when  I look at it I hear the phrase ‘you can’t un-bake a cake‘ turning in my head.
Having learned how  to drive in the snow of Minnesota winters, ( see January 2017 post) I am pretty fearless when the sky starts spitting white stuff. I’ll admit that having a 4 wheel drive Jeep helps alleviate my fears, but the vehicle does you no good if you don’t understand the physics of gravity. Couple gravity with going uphill, on ice, and coming to a dead stop to put mail in a box and take off again. It makes for such an interesting day! And when it’s downhill to a busy road and you have a stop sign. Let’s just say – a lot of praying goes into it.
I have a couple on my route that actually give me cat litter to get out and spread on the ice on that downhill stop when I get to it. It’s always by their garage door in the winter, God bless ’em!
But I don’t feel the cold like I suffer from the heat. I am well insulated, if you get my drift, but that’s neither here nor there. I think it has to do with temperatures and their affect on the populace – people get angry in the heat, they lose their temper. When the ground is blanketed with snow, everyone’s cool! It’s like the world has been given a big tranquilizer! It’s quiet, it’s peaceful . . . visions of fireplaces and good books, hot chocolate and a blanket, swirl in my head. I don’t have a fireplace and I don’t want one, but I have a DVD of a fireplace that burns down slowly for over an hour and then starts all over again! Bonus: It doesn’t make the room hot!! (You know how I feel about heat, right?)
So, I am ready for the winter adventure to begin again. I want to smash through those snow drifts and hear jingle bells and amaze people when they find their mail in their box every day! Stop cursing at me! I can’t help it!

In the meantime, Fall is a beautiful thing, too.

Deep breaths of crisp autumn air,
the hint of burning leaves somewhere
School buses flashing news of
kiddies in their new school shoes

And backpacks advertising heroes
temperatures are nearing zeros
Rosy cheeks and runny noses
“Hi ” to everyone you know is

filling up the days with cheer
soon to start a brand new year
and unlike any other time
Fall brings out my need to rhyme

So brace yourselves and fire the stove up
I must bring myself to quoth up:

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
as I have seen in one autumnal face”
(John Donne)