Sweet, sweet Leroy~

Recently, a “Memory” from 4 years ago came up on Facebook that made me pause and choke up. It was a video of our 16 year old dog, Leroy – (then blind in one eye and mostly deaf), being accompanied on a walk by our late cat, Sadie. I called her his ‘hearing-ear cat’. Sadie loved Leroy more than any other living thing. She did not care for people, would not be petted or receive affection from humans, but the moment she laid her tiny kitten eyes on Leroy, she was hooked.
Leroy had that affect on people. My mother-in-love never cared for animals very much, but Leroy won her heart when she lived her last memory loss years here with us. She would say, “He has the most soulful eyes!” and it was as though he looked into your innermost being and saw your heart. Then, he would bow his head against your knee as if just the ability to touch you was a privilege he could hardly bear. He was a gentle soul.
The same day that video appeared on my feed, Dane was working on some plumbing for one of our neighbors and discovered they had a dog. He was surprised, simply because we had never seen or heard their dog in the past 4-5 years! But what he learned from them about Leroy’s involvement simply made my day!
They have an 11 year old son who was, unfortunately, frightened to the core by a dog who snapped at him when he was little. It was a family member’s dog, not a stray or some stranger’s dog. It scarred him. . . .then he met Leroy.
They came to our annual July 4th picnic where Leroy would roam the crowds of 150 – 180 people and collect petting and hugs from everyone. When he approached their son, his gentleness and slow movements allowed the boy to dare to reach out and touch him. I swear that Leroy had a 6th sense about people. He felt pain and fear and knew just how to sooth a hurting soul. He let the boy touch and pet and just stood still until the child’s fear left him.
And again, while on a walk with Lee one day, we met the boy and his mother and he was so happy to see Leroy that he bust into smile and was bold enough to pet him for a long time – Leroy would just let you pet as long as you wanted.
The boy’s mother was quick to tell Dane that it was her son’s interaction with Leroy that allowed him to forget the bad dog of the past and actually take that step towards getting a dog of their own.
This news made my day and only served to cement the statements I’ve made about Leroy’s valued life in our household. What a treasure he was and what a privilege to have shared his 16 years on this earth. God is so good!