Where’s your mind?

Usually, my day goes on without a single hitch,
but lately I am noticing a slight ‘abnormal’ glitch
It feels like I am seeking something just beyond my reach
and I realize the cause is – my mind is at the beach.

I started to count down the days back at day ’99’
I thought that it would go so slow – but, honestly, I find
the days have flown and soon I’ll get to plant my big old feet
in the sand that goes on endlessly –  which I’ll find at the beach.

Good friends and family join us – relaxing every day
Perhaps we’ll take an ocean cruise from Bogue Banks or the bay
Or maybe read a novel, or poetry from Keats
Or maybe we’ll do NOTHING when you find us at the beach

To see the blue horizon is as good as you can get!
Perhaps I’ll tan my left arm so I’ll have a matching set!
To hear the waves caress the shore in rhythm oh so sweet
-it’s this that I’ve been waiting for! You’ll find me at the beach!!

This is the actual view from our beach rental . . . 


Admittedly, we all seek some sort of validation in our lives. We want to know that our reason for doing things a certain way or keeping/storing/hoarding items has not been for naught. I know that once every 10 years or so my husband will find an item in the “stuffed to the gills” outbuilding that tells him he was right to keep it, validating the other 6,943 items stored there, including: 38 sheets of cardboard, empty gallon jugs of 50/50 radiator coolant, old National Geographic magazines from the 60’s – 70’s, and vacuum hoses with tears in them. Why?
1.) I can lie on them when I work on my truck
2.) Why pay for pre-mixed when I can mix it myself?
3.) They may be worth something someday!
4.) I can patch them when the new one gets a hole.
In all fairness, I have a couple closets that I haven’t cleaned out in years, and don’t really have the inclination to do so, but I believe I could get rid of 75% of the stuff in there if/when I do clean them, and we give credit for good intentions around this house! Yes-sir-ree-bob! (Although I do pity the boys having to clean all this junk out when we’re gone . . . just bring your phones and sell everything on the “let go” app, ok?)
And that being said, I want to tell you that I received some validation from a young mother today. I watched her grow up at church and now she is the mother of 4 boys and lives out of state. I hadn’t seen her in a couple years or perhaps more, and she was at church this morning visiting family. She came to greet me and told me she thinks about me a lot.
“Why is that?”
“Because I have 4 boys.”
I smiled and said, “Isn’t it fun? Boys always love their mothers and you will always be the most special woman in their lives.”
“Yes, and now I understand – I want you to know that.”
(I may have had a reputation of being a little over protective of my boys.)
Perspective changes when you have kids of your own. I explained to her that I was protecting the girls as much as my boys – having grown up with 3 older brothers and 6 neighbor boys, I understood ‘guys’ much too well, and I didn’t want my boys to break hearts or cause harm to other families. I wanted them to be friends with the girls, but nothing more. No need to be dating someone else’s future wife. Just laugh and have fun. That didn’t always sit well with the girls, but I wasn’t responsible for them, I was only responsible for teaching my boys to behave responsibly.
It’s nice to hear words like that from people who knew us oh so long ago, and to know your behavior back then is now understood. We don’t always get that kind of validation, but it sure feels good when we do.
Thanks Nesee! And best wishes and prayers for wisdom as you guide your 4 young men into adulthood! I give God all the glory!