I fell for Fall

I fell for Fall so long ago, my age – I can’t remember
but I knew that true love had arrived one golden, crisp September.
Before the snow, the bracing whisper snatched the leaves and breezes
that brushed my face with gentle kiss – a kiss that fully pleases
I knew this was the time for life, though death fell from the trees
but it held me close and told me stories no one ever sees.
Blank paper sits before me, and emotions swell within
giving me the sense that I can see the world from start to end.
This impulse prods my brain and causes words to stammer out
and rhymes pour off my finger tips like water from a spout.
If stifled, words spin endlessly around my head all night
and I write and rewrite anecdotes until the morning light.
“What a blessing” you might say, well, yeah, but ’tis a curse
unless it’s placed upon a page, I think and talk in verse.
I must expel these bursts of rhyme for my own sanity,
but, hey! That’s why I bought a blog to pass them onto thee . . .

The providence of God

I have always believed that God cares about the little things in life, and that there are no coincidences. I can name many things that others would call lucky, in which I see the hand of God, with a smile on His face.
Many years ago, I had a paper route and used this solitary, mindless driving around in the night to listen to Swindoll and other preachers on cassett, I listened to talk radio, and I sometimes listened to God.
I say sometimes because I may have heard Him nudge me many times, but didn’t act on it. But sometimes I did!
I remember one night in particular where I couldn’t escape His nagging me to go back to the place where I picked up my papers, which in this case was a 24 hour Hop-In store. Even though I had left and was far away from it, I finally gave in to the nagging and stopped delivery to drive back to the store. I expected to, at least, foil a robbery or save a life, but nothing was amiss. I went in (feeling foolish) and bought a cup of coffee that I didn’t want.
On my way out to my car with my unwanted coffee, I saw a couple pull up and get out of their car. I recognized him and we exchanged greetings, I got in my car, backed up and headed for the 4 lane highway at the exit. I didn’t want the coffee, so I stopped while I waited on any traffic and opened my door and tried to discreetly pour the coffee onto the ground. Hoping the girl behind the counter didn’t see me, I immediately looked in my side view mirror as I slammed the door, only to see the couples’ car s-l-o-w-l-y rolling back out of it’s parking spot. Quick deductions put it in the path of an on-coming tractor trailer if it should reach the highway, so I pulled my handbrake, jumped out of my car and jumped into their car and slammed the brakes, stopping it next to mine and putting the brake on. At that moment, they came out of the store to see their car missing and looked down the parking lot to see me getting out of it! He was quite shocked and didn’t know what to say except, “I can’t believe I didn’t set the brake!”
I got in my car and went back to my route, marveling at the timing – knowing God knew exactly how long (and how much nagging) it would take to get me to go back there, buy the coffee and avoid an accident. That’s . not . luck.
It’s the little things. I baked 4-5 cakes for the 4th of July picnic we have at our house every year. While mixing one of the cakes, I thought I saw a little piece of egg shell fall in the batter. I looked and looked for it, but couldn’t find it, so I thought I had just imagined it and gave up the search – but just in case – I made a mental note of which pan it was and decided to leave that one until last, and if we didn’t need it, the family would eat it later. As it turned out, removing it from the bundt pan became an issue, and it took a chunk out of a part of the top. I put it back on and figured – if I use it – it would be covered with frosting, anyway, so no one would notice. I set it toward the back of the pile of cakes and labeled it ‘use last’.
We didn’t need it, and 2 days later, I saw everyone was eating it up, so I took that little chunk that I had patched back on and ate it and heard ‘crunch’. I got the little piece of egg shell in mine! Made me smile!
I told you a couple blogs ago about the kids moving in with us for 2 months. I rented a storage unit to help out – $130 a month for a 10 x 20 unit. Turns out, the rent was due the day before they were going to empty it. The contract was explicit – rent is due, no freebies.
I asked the Lord to help me make a compelling case for not having to pay a whole month for one days use, but if I had to pay, I would do it cheerfully.
When I got there, the girl was one the phone and motioned for me to ‘hold on just a second’ while she finished the call. I returned with the ‘sure, go ahead’ gesture. Then, I heard her say, “No – I’m sorry – the 10 x 20 units are all taken, our next size down is a 10 x 15, will that work?”
At that point I said, quietly, “I have a 10 x 20 that will be empty tomorrow – would he like to have it?”
She offered and he accepted, and she said I didn’t have to pay the months rent since it was already spoken for! Answered prayer.
God cares about the little things, too, and it pleases Him to be asked for small as well as large!