Areas of dense fog

I sometimes feel like the morning forecast matches my mental state, although I am a morning person vs. a night person. Re-booting my brain with sleep is vital to normal function the next day.
When Dane and I were first married, I discovered that Hamrens had the gift of sleep and I would be the one to stay awake and monitor the spinning of the world – a world which would certainly fall off its axis if I did not have one eye open at all times.
This was no job for lightweights. It meant hours of sitting by windows because you thought you heard voices, you know, people who drive down a dead end road where there are no other residences within sight, sneak up to your house and then have loud conversations under your window?
Or a branch snapped.
Or buck snort. Oh, yes! A buck snorting sounds just like an impact wrench taking the lug nuts off your car. It took me many window watches followed by mornings of no missing lug nuts to figure out what that noise was, but I recognize it now!
All the hours wasted listening by the windows has yielded me the ability to define noises. When I hear a noise in the night, I MUST know what it is in order to go back to sleep!
One of my favorite sounds to identify is: “Thud! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-” which is Dane stubbing his toe on the way up the stairs. (It’s usually followed by the remark ‘I hear you laughing!!!’)
We used to have some friends that stayed with us from time to time and one afternoon, she was sitting in the living room tearing coupons from the Sunday paper. I was upstairs lying down  for my Sunday nap. With each rip-rip-ripping sound, my acute hearing yielded something 10 times worse than nails on a chalkboard. And, it was sporatic, I mean, she was carefully looking through the paper after all.  Then,  just when I would drift off to semi-consciousness, she’d rip another one – literally, not figuratively, (although she was capable of that, too.) It was getting unbearable, but she was a guest in my home – what could I do? Were there no end to these coupons???
Finally, in desperation, I grabbed a scissors and ran down the stairs and handed them to her with a “Here, use these.” and then ran back up the stairs. She was in a state of shock when I got up from my nap and described the experience, or should I say exaggerated the experience as follows:
“I was enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon, perusing the coupons with my mind in Lysol and toothpaste mode when, in a flash, this banshee with blood red eyes, hair standing on end, came flying down the stairs, threw a scissors at me and disappeared up the stairs all within a 3 second span. When I realized what had happened, I thought I had dozed off and dreamt it, but there was the scissors in my hand as proof. Most frightening thing I’ve ever experienced. To this day, I can’t tear a coupon without fear and trembling.”

This ability, according to my calculations, has cost me 3.76 years of sleep.
If it isn’t the bear playing in the garbage cans, it’s the fan next to my bed beginning its ‘I think I need lubricant’ faze. Like it’s just finding its asking voice, it starts with partial sentences and then stays quiet for awhile (waiting for me to drift off again) only to clear its throat and begin again. If I had $10 for every fan that I’ve gone through . . . I’d buy some new fans.
Good hearing is a blessing – and a curse.
When the kids were little, I was so paranoid that they would slip quietly up to my face in the middle of the night and say my name, taking 5 years off my life (and having to explain to the doctor where they got their black eye . . .) that I would put newspaper down at the foot of the bed to prevent it. It didn’t take them long to learn that they could just whisper ‘mom’ in the doorway and I would answer instantly as if I had been sitting up waiting for them. I was a light sleeper, boy howdy!
Now, I still sleep light, but not like those days. Now it’s more like Sleep Lite, good, quality sleep without the calories. And I enjoy sleeping more. I savor it. It’s a brief respite from the hustle each day and I get so much done in my sleep! The other night, I drew/designed my 2017 calendar in my sleep. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it was very exciting and I hope I get to see it again one of these nights very soon!
To sleep, perchance to dream. It’s an amazing thing, this created body and brain which renews itself during rest.
I’m heading upstairs to get me some renewal time and start fresh tomorrow. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning and I can’t wait to see what He has in store.