Your responsibility! (and mine)

We’ve all experienced this – and perhaps been guilty of it, too.
You’re sitting at a light, second in line, and when the light turns green the driver at the head of the line is on their phone, checking Facebook or texting – and this forces you to do that embarrassing thing . . . honk your horn!  (Or as my friend’s 3 year old grand daughter says, “Knock your corn, Daddy!”)
I hate blowing my horn at anyone – it seems so rude. But is it more rude than holding up a line of cars because you’re on your phone?
The rule is – if you’re first in line – STAY OFF THE PHONE!!!! Get a Bluetooth if you need to talk while driving. Have you ever been at a light and watched the oncoming traffic cross in front of you only to see 9 out of 10 people with a phone up to their ear? Driving one handed is risky, and there are a lot of people out there who can’t talk and drive at the same time! If you are one of them – admit it and please pull off the road somewhere if you need to have a conversation! I applaud when I see someone on the side of the road on their phone. Good judgment like that will save lives.
Parents – if you give your kids phones, you need to make some rules about talking and texting. Everything can wait until you stop! (That does not include stopping at a light when you’re first in line!) They need to understand that their phone can kill them! And you will set the example by following the rules you set for them and not letting your phone take over your life.
It saddens me to see families out together and both parents are on their phones while the kids are doing anything to get their attention. Anything. This will come back to bite them in the butt when they give their kids phones. I have watched a mom who walks up and down our dead end road with one in a stroller and 2 on bikes and she never takes her eyes off her phone. What a family bonding time! A nice walk in the country!
Difficult to put into practice? You bet! I’m addicted to my phone just like anyone else. I know the sick feeling of leaving home and suddenly realizing you forgot your phone. And I’ve also experienced the sick feeling of staring at my phone too long and (almost) running off the shoulder or having to slam on the brakes at the last second. I have had to tell myself – out loud sometimes – that it can wait.
Why this diatribe on phones and driving? It just gets overwhelming out there sometimes. Some days, every light has a phone bum holding up traffic. I find myself saying, “Get off your phone!” way too much these days. Makes me feel like an old grouch. I may be old, but I try not to be a grouch to anyone. Some people can push my limits there. . .
Take responsibility when you’re first in line in traffic.
Stay off your phone.
At the very least, go the speed limit when you’re first in line with a string of cars behind you.
Don’t fly by someone, then cut in front of them at the last second and make a right turn. Really? You couldn’t wait behind me for another 5 seconds?