Vacation Rap

(Note: Could have been influenced by the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Give it Away”!)

Things are busy at the ol’ work station
so I decided that I need a vacation
Six days that I’m gonna’ be off, see?
Liftin’ nothing weighin’ more than my cuppa’ coffee.
Staying home all day, doin’ what I pleases.
Bakin’ bread, cleaning, spending time with Jesus
Might go shoppin’ cause I need a pair of shoes now
or I might catch up on my Dr. Who now
Breakfast with my girlfriend – lunch with my sista’
If I’m lucky – out to dinner with my Mista’
Go to see my 93 year old Mutha’
she and I are gonna’ eat a lotta butta’
bring bread – gonna’ make a little toast
sippin’on a mug of Folgers Classic Roast
Makin’ lists of the things I gotta’ do now
(making lists otta’ take a day or two now) ;o)
Clean the van, clean the wagon, clean the Jeep
Go through the pantry – say – whatcha’ gonna’ keep?
Go to work with Dane – pull a bunch of wire
( Keeps a 40 year marriage on fire!)
Maybe go to town & catch a little movie
I’ve heard Star Wars might be kinda’ groovy!
So much stuff to do in so little time!
Guess I’m gonna’  haveta’ stop makin’ this rhyme!


Taking Christmas down

When the season ends, you write a poem:

They’re everywhere I look each day as I travel on my route
I drive the roads and wonder what the fuss was all about.
Deflated Santas lying in a heap upon the lawn
Displaying what we’re feeling now that ‘it’ has come and gone
Were the kids all filled with wonder over presents and good cheer?
Or did they reach the age where they discovered Santa wasn’t here?
Parents reaching limits to their patience, time and money
Maxing out their credit cards until it wasn’t funny.
All this busy-ness that seeps inside and robs the joy
of the parents running ’round to find the perfect Christmas toy.
Trees once dressed to dazzle now lay naked by the trash
every driveway’s end holds boxes naming this years cache
Wreaths once smiling on the door are frowning on the ground
jealous of the neighbors who refuse to take theirs down.
Tumbleweeds of shiny paper flashing down the street
making their escape into the ditches where they meet
Strings of lights once twinkling now lay a mangled mess
perhaps a true revealing of their owner’s inner stress?
All this to mark the season, all this to celebrate
Your bottom line depleted – while the stores’ will elevate
While we ignore the real Gift that was given long ago
Lavished on the sinner who was lost in status quo
Arriving in deep poverty, labeled as a bastard
suffering, then dying to become our Lord and Master.
Rising from the tomb – He lives forevermore!
Taking all our fear away when facing our death’s door.
Let’s not forget the gifts we give are symbols of His love
The tree – the cross on which he died, the star we place above
to show the Heavens are subject to the power of His Name!
To think that He would love us so and let us Heaven claim!
So put away the symbols, but keep His love around
to remind us of the Savior while we’re taking Christmas down.