The Nostalgia of Fall

Is it just me? Or are there others out there who love Fall and all it brings with it?
Each year when Fall arrives, I want to break out the orange decorations, get a new pen and crisp new paper and write down something astonishing! It’s like I’m nestling in for the cold weather (which I love) and hunkering down with a good book. Harvest time.
At this stage of life, hindsight preoccupies my mind, I’m afraid. I have to constantly shift my mental gears to thinking ahead, not behind. It’s hard to do. This is my first time being old and I’m still learning how to let go of the big plans that will never happen, and don’t need to happen, honestly. I spend most of my time thinking about what a great life I’ve lived and how good God has been to me.
Things that I thought would be great to have and experience have eluded me for my benefit. To have too much of anything tends to spoil families. I never wanted my boys to be spoiled, and they weren’t – they were grateful for everything because they didn’t have too much of anything. They recognized early on that their Dad worked very hard each day to provide for them, without complaint, with a smile, in fact! They can look back and see the years of him coming home with a smile on his face, happy to see us all – and appreciate what that means now that they are hard working adults, returning home at the end of a long, hard day. Attitude . . . I hit the jackpot with my Dane. Quick to forgive, slow to anger, joyful in spirit, devoted.
But back to Fall. It stands in front of us right now, dropping leaves and bearing all, showing the profits of the hot, growing season that has passed and now overflows the bins and baskets, and supermarket aisles.
It caresses your face when you step out in the morning and makes you pause, smile, and fill your lungs with the crisp air. It calls you to drink your coffee on the deck, or sip apple cider in a lawn chair.
It says “Come outside and spin around with your hands in the air – feel the Fall air in your lungs. Breathe deeply ’cause I won’t be here for long!”
But, most of all, it calls me to write. Working 6 days a week and trying to finagle days off where I can, leaves little time for sitting at the ol’ PC. But I must tell you, I write all day while driving my route. I think up titles to blog stories and then write them in my mind.
Recently, I made up the title “The things He has not asked me to do”. Does that sound funny?
It came from thinking of a young mother I know whose first born daughter, Charlie, was still born. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish of loss this brings to a couple, but my friend has given it to the Lord and He made beauty from ashes.
She writes so beautifully about Charlie from time to time – very moving and sweet pieces that honor the Lord and draw you into her world of dealing with this loss. You know – the kind of writing that makes you cry and smile at the same time. I feel as though I know Charlie, in some ways.
I was thinking of how this has shaped her walk with Christ, how she has learned to accept what He has asked her to do in this life. It has certainly had a bearing on her 2 living children and her parenting them, for she just has to remember that she gets to see them everyday and what joy this brings to her heart!
Years ago, I read a analogy in Streams in the Desert concerning people looking at other’s lives and thinking how much easier it would be to be them. The old ‘grass is always greener’ cliché. Except this one concerned crosses we have to bear. A woman looked at her cross and thought it so heavy and rough – if she had so and so’s cross, life would be so much easier to bear! So, she dreamed that night that there was a large pile of crosses of various sizes and appearance, and the Lord told her to choose one. She went to the one that was covered from top to bottom in gorgeous roses, more beautiful than could be imagined. What could be easier than having this kind of beauty in your life!!!  She smiled as she reached for it, but drew back quickly when the thorns ripped her hands and the blood flowed. Beauty can be a burden that tears you up. There are a lot of miserable pretty people out there. Without inner beauty to match, outer beauty can be very ugly, indeed, and only Christ can give you inner beauty that draws people to the real you, not your outer appearance.
Then, she turned to the one covered in jewels, silver and gold. It sparkled with such promise of wealth! Surely life would be so wonderful if I had wealth – no more problems! But she struggled to lift it and could not move when she hoisted it up to her shoulder. It would seem that wealth was a heavy burden to bear and she didn’t see how she could manage the weight of it.
Then, she spotted and beautiful, simple cross that looked just her size. She picked it up, placed it on her shoulder – only to discover it was her very own cross!
We all have ‘back stories’ or are in the middle of making one. We have struggled with health, death, betrayal, stress, depression, loss – only to find the sweetness in giving it to Christ and watching Him work for our good.
Easy? Hardly. There are many people I love going through some very difficult times, bearing burdens that I don’t think I could handle, but they are trusting the Savior to help them hold on and work for His Glory. To paraphrase Corrie ten Boom – you don’t need the ticket ’til you get on the train. You don’t have to be able to handle it alone. The Lord will be there with you to help you every step of the way. You are held in the palm of His hand, and underneath are the everlasting arms!
It is an amazing thing to turn you life issues over to Christ and let Him work them out in His time and His way. Nothing can compare.